Barkeater Chocolates, located in Upstate New York's Adirondacks is not just an adorable chocolate shop, but also a huge hub for paranormal activity.

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Since its establishment, the building that houses Barkeater Chocolates has been the subject of numerous alleged supernatural encounters and unexplained phenomena. From mysterious sounds and movements to sightings of apparitions, the haunting of Barkeater Chocolates has intrigued both employees and visitors alike.

A Mysterious Past

The building that now houses Barkeater Chocolates has a long and diverse history that dates back to 1884. For over a century, it has witnessed the passage of time and the many stories that unfolded within its walls. From 1947 to 2013, the building served as a residence for several generations of a single family. However, it is the building's earlier history and its connection to various supernatural encounters that have raised curiosity.

Supernatural Encounters

Since its acquisition by Barkeater Chocolates in 2013, the building has become a hotspot for unexplained occurrences. Nearly every employee has experienced strange sounds and movements, with footsteps and banging sounds being frequently reported. One particularly chilling incident involved an employee finding various objects mysteriously placed in the middle of the floor. In 2015, a construction crew working in the building claimed to hear footsteps and voices coming from upstairs, only to discover that no one else was present.

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Intriguingly, two paranormal investigations were conducted at Barkeater Chocolates, yielding fascinating results. While the identity of the entities haunting the chocolate shop remains unknown, reports include sightings of a playful boy running through the store, a man believed to work in the basement, and a woman who speaks in a muffled voice. The spectral inhabitants of Barkeater Chocolates have also been known to throw chocolate and set off smoke alarms, adding to the mystique and allure of the shop.

Haunted and Chocolate-Making Experiences

Barkeater Chocolates embraces its haunted reputation by offering guided haunted and chocolate-making experiences to visitors. These experiences invite guests to immerse themselves in the building's paranormal history while enjoying firsthand accounts of creepy happenings and details about past investigations. The 90-minute experiences offer a balance between spine-tingling tales and the opportunity for guests to engage in their own ghost hunting. Additionally, visitors have the chance to create their own chocolate treats to take home, adding a sweet twist to the otherworldly encounter.

Booking the Haunted Experience

To participate in the guided haunted and chocolate-making experiences at Barkeater Chocolates, reservations must be made in advance. The experiences are available from March to October and are popular among both locals and tourists seeking a unique and thrilling outing. Guests can choose between public group sessions or private experiences for smaller groups.

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