Nothing is safe from inflation – not even Girl Scout cookies and New Yorkers are bumming about that.

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Girl Scout Cookies hold a special place in the hearts of many New Yorkers who wait every year for the annual cookie season. However, recent reports reveal that consumers should expect an increase in prices for this coming season.

In response to rising production and material costs, several Girl Scout chapters have announced a price increase for their cookies. For instance, the Girl Scouts Heart of the Hudson chapter in New York was selling cookies for $5 per box but now the cookies will be priced at $6, reflecting the challenges posed by increased costs associated with food production, labor, and transportation.

Last year, the introduction of a new online-exclusive flavor, Raspberry Rally, led to an unauthorized reselling frenzy on platforms like eBay. Prices soared, causing concern for the Girl Scouts organization, which voiced disappointment over the unauthorized resales. For this reason, Raspberry Rally will not be returning for the upcoming season, as the organization focuses on meeting the demand for its classic varieties.

Girl Scout Cookie prices may vary across the country, with individual local councils setting their prices based on several factors. While some chapters have chosen to raise prices to maintain profitability, others have kept prices stable for several years. It is important to remember that purchasing Girl Scout Cookies not only satisfies a sweet tooth but also supports local Girl Scout initiatives and empowers young girls in the community.

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