Tax season is a time of year most New Yorkers dread but as the saying goes, "there are two certainties in life - death and taxes" and tax season is here.

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Don't be a procrastinator and put off doing your taxes at the last minute. Did you know that filing your taxes early is actually a good idea?

Here are five perks to getting your taxes done and over with ahead of time.

1. Speedy Cash Refunds

Here is something to rest your weary mind. You file your taxes early, kick back and relax, and guess what? You get your tax refund faster! By getting your tax return in early and opt for direct deposit, you can wave goodbye to weeks of waiting for your cash.

2. More Time to Plan Payments

Maybe you have to pay this year. If you owe the IRS some moolah, filing early still has its perks. By submitting your return ahead of time, you have more time to get your funds together and put together a payment strategy. No more scrambling at the last minute to scrape together the money. File early and take a breath.

3. Get Ahead of Financial Moves

Filing your taxes early isn't just about getting your refund or paying what you owe. It can also be a smart financial move, especially if you want to buy a house, apply for financial aid, or other major life decisions. Having your tax return in early can be a game-changer and you'll have all your financial info at your fingertips.

4. No More Extensions

Filing a tax extension is as fun as watching paint dry, so avoid the headache by filing early. Asking for an extension usually happens when you're not prepared. By getting ahead of the game, you can avoid asking for an extension.

5. Beat the Tax Identity Thieves

Filing early can be a great way to protect yourself from tax return identity theft. By filing early, you reduce the opportunity for scammers to swoop in and steal YOUR hard-earned refund. It's a win-win – stay ahead of the bad guys and your money ends up where it belongs.

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