How many islands actually make up the Thousand Islands region in New York state? Is it really a thousand? Is it less?

According to world known historian, Dr. Google, the Thousand Islands are actually made up of an incredible 1,864 islands. That's right, way more than a thousand.

Comprising of everything from vast 100 km² islands to islands occupied only by one single residence and then beyond to scores of tiny, rocky outcroppings home only to the region’s avian population, the 1000 Islands region is a veritable microcosm of island life."

According to the map experts at Singer Castle, the islands are scattered between the Canadian province of Ontario and the U.S. state of New York.

Once home to pirates, bootleggers and a whole lot of high society high jinks, the history of the Thousand Islands is a lot murkier than the calm waters of the St. Lawrence River suggest, and is well worth diving into."

So there is more than salad dressing?

Is Thousand Islands Salad Dressing Really From New York State?

Thousand Island dressing REALLY gets its name from the chain of islands:

The creamy pink salad dressing was all the rage among cooks at the hotels and resorts dotting the river. There are two competing local legends on who first came up with the dressing."

According to legend, the original dressing was made out of mayonnaise, ketchup, pickle relish, and a hard-boiled egg. It came from Heart Island and Boldt Castle. You can read a complete history of the dressing online from WRVO.

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