Let's be real- the number one reason you go to the Great New York State Fair is for the food. Here's a list of places to check out.

New York State Fair Ticket Update

There are lots of things to see and do at this year's New York State Fair, including a change to the largest stage at the fairgrounds. Say goodbye to Chevy Park. The old Experience Stage will now be called Suburban Park. It'll feature a pond and first come, first serve Adirondack chair seating to provide a casual park-like setting for concerts. It has a different vibe than Chevy Court which is closer to the Main Gate.

Ticket prices will go from $3 to $6 and parking increases from $5 to $10. Prices had been lowered during the coronavirus pandemic from what they'd been since 2005 - $6 in advance and $10 at the gate. You can read more about the changes online here.

New York State Fair Food Vendors

For 2023, there are more reasons than ever to bring your appetite. The old standbys are still here, but this year, they’ll be joined by new tastes for everyone from the health-conscious to individuals with more adventurous palates. Everyone knows that fair food is the meal of all meals. Want to dive right in and have the best of the best?

We wanted to create a fun game for you to play, State Fair Foods A-Z. Did we miss your favorites? Text us on our station app for more to add. Take a look at our list:

From A To Z- 2023 New York State Fair Food Vendors

Here's a look at select food and drink vendors at the Great New York State Fair from A-Z. You can always get a complete list online here.

Over 50 Heart-Pounding Rides at the New York State Fair Midway

There are plenty of rides for the kids and the kids at heart on the midway at this year's New York State Fair. Check them all out.

New York State Fair Butter Sculptures Through the Years

Take a look at the Butter Sculptures over the years at the New York State Fair.