It's not every day someone is struck by lightning. Unfortunately for these two campers, they had some really bad luck.

NYS Forest Ranger Adams was recently patrolling the Follensby Clear Pond boat launch in Saranac Lake, when he heard sirens in the distance. Within a few minutes, he saw a Tupper Lake Volunteer Fire Department Truck come down the trail and pull up to the boat launch.

Why the urgency? That's because two people were just hit by lightning on an island.

NYS Department of Environmental Conservation
NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

First responders say the two victims, a 34-year-old from Pennsylvania and 44-year-old from Syracuse, were camping in a tent at the base of a tree. When the thunderstorm rolled through, the tree was stuck by a lightning bolt. It sent a shock all the way down to the base, right where the two were camping.

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Forest Ranger Adams rode with Tupper Lake EMS out to the island. Upon arrival, both campers were able to stand and get onto the boat. But one thing was clear to the paramedics... the campers were in desperate need for more medical attention.

NYS Department of Environmental Conservation
NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

The two were quickly transported back to the boat launch before being sent to the hospital. One of the campers is currently on crutches with swelling in his ankle. The other is now dealing with hearing issues.

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You might never expect to get struck by lightning, but crazier accidents have happened. If you ever are facing a life threatening emergency, even if you're stranded on an island, quickly dial 911. Regardless of where you are, there are always first responders on standby to rescue you.

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