Noel Gallagher made a guest appearance at the Black Keys' concert in London on Tuesday evening, performing two songs from the Keys' latest album, Ohio Players.

The former Oasis songwriter joined the duo for "Only Love Matters" and "On the Game," both of which he helped co-write.

You can view fan-filmed footage of the performances below.

Noel Gallagher in the Studio With the Black Keys

The Black Keys' Ohio Players features several guests, including Beck, Juicy J, Lil Noid and Gallagher.

"When we thought about people who were great songwriters, he was one of the first to come to mind," Dan Auerbach told The Irish Independent earlier this year. "[He's] just someone who is similar to Tom Petty; you don't even have to own the records, you just magically know all the songs, somehow, because they're just in the fabric of everyday life. Everyone told us, 'He doesn't co-write with anybody. He never does that,' but we reached out, and he said he'd be interested if we came to London. So we hopped on a plane and we took a chance."

"I'd met Patrick [Carney] maybe once, but I don't know them," Gallagher said in September of last year, "and they called up my office and asked if I'd be interested in writing with them for their next record. And I happened to be around and I was like, 'Yeah, fuck it.' So I got a guitar and an amp and went down to the studio the first day and introduced myself."

From there, they wrote three songs in a matter of days.

"We had so much fun," Auerbach continued. "We were really kind of nervous when we started, but when we got that first song done, it took the pressure off and we really got to enjoy it. He's funny as hell to be around, and it was incredible to watch him do his thing and work his magic."

The Black Keys are slated to play two more shows in London on May 8 and 9, followed by shows in Paris and Manchester. They'll then return to the U.S. for concerts across the country.

Watch Noel Gallagher and the Black Keys Perform 'Only Love Matters'

Watch Noel Gallagher and the Black Keys Perform 'On the Game' 

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