In the interest of transparency, I serve on Strawberry Hall's steering committee, and am responsible for planning and running the venue's festivals and farmers markets under the Eastern Otsego Farmers Market banner in partnership with Steamstress and Co. This article is an insider's perspective.

Historic Worcester, New York church transforms

Each time I walk through the door at Strawberry Hall, I'm struck by the history and the grandeur of the building. Formerly known as the First Presbyterian Church, the building was erected in 1892, and served the community until 2021. With declining congregation numbers, the Presbytery decided the logical thing to do was to gift the building to their next door neighbors, the Worcester-Schenevus library. In turn, the building is a gift to the entire community.

My favorite part of the building is the acoustics in the sanctuary. Built before modern audio gear, the room's dome ceiling is meant to carry sound. A subtle whisper on stage can be heard throughout.

Since the library began using the church, rebranded Strawberry Hall, the space has grown to be a catalyst for good work, and what Worcester truly has to offer. Strawberry Hall is by the community, for the community. The best part of being able to be involved is the ability to have creative freedom, and bring Worcester events and items that have never been seen or executed in town before.

Festivals and more

The hall gained its moniker from Worcester's signature event, the Worcester, New York Strawberry Festival. Established in 1970, the event highlights everything local to Worcester from Strawberries to performances from the Worcester Central School's music department. Strawberry shortcake and Brooks chicken was the draw for time eternal.


2022 saw a shift, with the reins handed off to the Worcester-Schenevus Library who invited the Eastern Otsego Farmers Market to assist with planning. 2022's festival saw enhancements and improvements. A long list of local vendors were now present as well as music and other activities. Upgraded marketing and a festival guide also entered the picture.

In 2023, the festival grew even more. Due to logistical reasons, Brooks chicken was discontinued, and a food truck rodeo was booked in its place. Bounce houses and face painting were added.

One thing that will be present at the festival well past the rapture, as it has been since day one is the local recipe strawberry shortcake. Locals and visitors alike just can't get enough of it. 2024's Strawberry Festival is gearing up to be even bigger, and expansion planning is underway.


As in 2023, the Eastern Otsego Farmers Market will be appearing at the hall to serve the community on select dates between May and October.

More than just festivals and markets, Strawberry Hall is available for meetings, weddings, parties, classes and so much more. An open house will be announced during the warmer months.

Join us at Strawberry Hall and see all that Worcester has to offer!

2024 Strawberry Hall Events

April 20th: Steampunk + Oddities Expo

June 15th: Strawberry Festival

August 24th: Block Party & Car Show

October 19th: Worcester Weird Festival

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