Depeche Mode has released “My Cosmos Is Mine,” the second song from their upcoming album, Memento Mori. The track begins with heavy industrial sounds, backed by an ominous bass part. “Don’t play with my world / Don’t mess with my mind / Don’t question my spacetime / My cosmos is mine,” Dave Gahan sings, delivering the lines in an eerie baritone. From there, the song ebbs and flows with menacing electronic sounds, swelling to the brink of eruption before reeling back for a subdued ending.

You can listen to “My Cosmos Is Mine” below.

Memento Mori marks Depeche Mode's first new music since the death of co-founding member Andy Fletcher. In a recent interview, Martin Gore revealed that Fletcher and the rest of the band already had plans in place to record the LP before his death in May 2022.

“Andy was supposed to be coming into the studio six weeks after he died to start recording with us,” Gore explained to radio hosts Booker & Stryker. “And we decided it was probably better for us, mentally, to stick with that schedule and focus on making an album and focus on music, something that we know, just to help us get over the grief. Up to a point, that worked. We’re never gonna forget Andy, of course. And there are so many reminders of him every day. But I think it did help for us to continue with the process.”

The album’s title, Memento Mori, is Latin for “remember that you must die.” It was chosen before Fletcher’s death but later took on new meaning.

"After Fletch's passing, we decided to continue as we're sure this is what he would have wanted, and that has really given the project an extra level of meaning," Gahan previously explained in a press release. "Fletch would have loved this album."

Depeche Mode will embark on a worldwide tour beginning March 23, the day before Memento Mori’s release.

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