Is there a day that goes by without a chance of showers?  It certainly seems like lately, that's the case.  And have you noticed that there's also not a day that goes by without someone mentioning the weather?  We've become obsessed with weather.  We have our radio weather reports, weather channels, internet weather, GPS, you name it!  Weather reports are readily available, a variety of ways and at all times.  And I find myself very guilty the daily social chitchat about the weather.  Geez!  It's got to stop!  I don't know about you, but I really don't want to be weather obsessed and it would be nice if it didn't come up in every conversation.  Let's get over it!  Bad weather happens, end of story.  Let's move on.

So, with all of this rain lately, how do we get over it?  We need to focus on the positive side of a rainy day.  There are actually great things you can do on a rainy day.  There's an article on on "How to Get Rid of the Rainy Day Boredness and Blues" that gives 10 tips on what to do on a rainy day.  Here are my top 5 picks from that list:

Always smile. Even if you don't feel like smiling and are bored or sad do it, its close to the real thing!

Take a nap! Who doesn't love to get under the warm covers and sleep like there's no tomorrow!?

Watch a movie! Grab your favorite movie and sit down in your room or on the couch with a pillow, blanket and your favorite movie snacks.

Put on your headphones and really listen to your favorite songs or read a book.

Do some task that you've been procrastinating on for a while. It feels so good to get something off the to-do list.  Then you won't have to think about it any more.

So stop thinking of a rainy day as a yucky depressing day and start thinking of it as an opportunity to do things you might not otherwise get a chance to do.  Enjoy! 



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