It's been a long road for the Ewing family of Oneonta, watching, waiting, and praying for their 9-year-old daughter Isabelle to get strong enough for her next surgery.

The goal is to get her well enough to undergo a very dangerous surgery next month to remove an AVM, which is an abnormal cluster of veins and arteries fused together dangerously close to her brain.   

Isabelle has been in Albany Medical Center since her initial surgery for about a month. Her parents set up a Facebook page, Tinkerbell's Dream, to keep everyone updated on their daughter.

The latest news is that the Ewings are hoping that Isabelle is able to go to rehab in a week or two. Then, the plan is to have another MRI and angiogram done in a month. After looking at the results of those, her doctor will decide when he will do Isabelle's next surgery to take the AVM out. Due to the risk involved with this type of surgery, it's very important that she heal as much as possible over the next four weeks.

The following message is from the Ewing family:  "Praying is still needed for our little girl and we have to say thank you to all, to everyone doing the fundraising that people are putting together and going to.  Our family is forever grateful to all of you."

Below is a video taken of little Isabelle yesterday.


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