It's every parent's nightmare come true: their child ends up in the hospital with a life threatening condition. This is sadly a nightmare come to life for Lauren and Sarah Ewing, parents to three children in Oneonta. 

Yesterday, Lauren sat down with me and told me how his daughter Isabelle, a 4th grader at Valley View Elementary School, was struck very suddenly with a dangerous brain condition last Saturday called AVM, which is an abnormal cluster of veins and arteries fused together.

Last Saturday, it ruptured causing her brain to swell. She was air lifted to Albany Medical Center where she was rushed to the operating room for emergency surgery. A piece of skull at the base of her head and part of the blood clot was removed.

She was not stable at that point to take the AVM out. Isabelle is currently in the pediatric intensive care unit at Albany Medical Center, where her family waits and prays for their daughter's brain swelling to subside enough so that another surgery can be performed.

She is in stable condition but is heavily sedated so that her brain is not stimulated in any way. It is expected that she will be in the hospital there for at least a month.


As one can imagine, an event like this can tear a family up emotionally and financially. The travel, lodging and medical expenses are piling up. Please help this family in need by clicking here.

Her family also asks that you please keep Isabelle in your prayers and share this story on Facebook. You can follow her story and updates on her Facebook page "Tinkerbell's Dream".


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