Have you ever heard of work "ghosting"?  Ghosting is where people will either no-show for scheduled job interviews or the first day of a new job taken, or even disappearing from a current job with no notice whatsoever.  I hadn't heard of this workplace phenomenon until recently when I read an article from LinkedIn (job and social networking site) about this rude behavior that seems  to be on the rise.

I can't even imagine doing any one of those behaviors!  After having endured two economic recessions where good jobs were scarce and coveted, I always feel that it's best not to take any current status for granted.  After all, we all know that the one constant is change.

Where is ghosting going on?  You can probably guess that in companies where jobs or certain positions are hard to fill, that ghosting is becoming more and more commonplace.  Here in our Oneonta area, I had a listener call in and share that as a person employed in healthcare, he commented that ghosting, in terms of people not showing up for new jobs, it was happening a lot.

I ask, where is common decency?  It's common courtesy to inform either an employer or potential employer of your intentions.  I just hope this isn't going to be considered an old-fashioned point of view in the years to come!

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