With the surge in so many thunderstorms, tornados, and rain across Central and Upstate New York, is our Moon to blame? Mother Nature or the Moon?

Is The Moon Really To Blame For All The Flooding Across New York State?

With the surge in so many thunderstorms, tornados, and rain across Central and Upstate New York, is our Moon to blame? Mother Nature or the Moon?

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How crazy were those storms yesterday? It left a lot of damage in the area to homes, roadways, etc. These photos were submitted by our listeners. If you have any, send them to us inside the station app.

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What famous people allegedly own homes in Upstate New York?

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According to NASA, the United States is set to face a surge in high-tide floods along its coasts due to a “wobble” in the moon’s orbit coupled with global warming. The real question right now, is this happening now? Or, will this happen down the road?

Starting in the mid-2030s, a lunar cycle will amplify rising sea levels fueled by climate change, causing rapidly increasing high-tide floods on every U.S. coast, according to findings of a new study by the NASA Sea Level Change Science Team from the University of Hawaii."

Just so you know, the wobble in the moon’s orbit takes 18.6 years to complete. It's not unusual, and was first reported in 1728. But what’s new for this next cycle is how the wobbles effects on the moon’s gravitational pull will combine with rising sea levels resulting from Earth’s warming. When the Moon and Earth line up in specific ways with each other and the Sun, the resulting gravitational pull and the ocean’s corresponding response may leave city dwellers coping with floods every day or two.....

The cycle is currently in the half that amplifies tides, but sea levels along most U.S. coastlines have not risen so much that high tides regularly top flooding thresholds."

So at this point in time, we can't blame the Moon for all the flooding we have received. The wobble isn't to blame just yet. NOAA reported a total of more than 600 more floods in 2019.

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