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Not only has this year been marked by the continuation of the COVID-19 pandemic with tons of changes surrounding that, but it seems that Ol' Man Winter was in a weird mood and decided to send Oneonta, NY snow at some fairly unusual times. Case in point, let's go back to the spring of 2021. Our last snowfall of the season is usually expected in either March or early in April but last spring, April 30 - May 1, there was a snowstorm that marked the last time it snowed according to certifiedsnowfalltotals.com.

And if we take a look at snowfall for Oneonta in 2020, there were some oddities there too. Winter started early in 2020 with an October 30 snow of course right before Halloween. Not fun for kids who wanted to show off their costumes. Will it be like that this year too?

Here's what the Farmers' Almanac has to say about the coming winter this year...
"Winter is going to be a season of flip-flop conditions with notable polar coaster swings in temperatures!". That is a reference to weather across the U.S. To get more specific for our area, see the Farmers' Almanac graphic below...

Credit: www.farmersalmanac.com
Credit: www.farmersalmanac.com

So according to the information above, it appears that here in New York State, we can expect rather "normal" temperatures and typical January snowstorms. I sure like the idea of a "tranquil" (not stormy) February in 2022, but I just hope that doesn't translate to an erratic March and April!

Let's face it, here in Upstate New York, we've gotten used to roller coaster weather all year round and this winter could end up that way. If it turns out that it's less snowy and milder than usual, I'll consider it a bonus and fully enjoy it.

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