"I saw it on the internet, so it has to be true."

Not everything you see or read on the internet is based on fact. Morgan Freeman is still alive and kicking, as is Betty White. Mark Zuckerberg isn't giving out a million dollars. Typing your pin in backwards at an ATM will not notify the police. And if you saw it in The Onion, its definitely not true.

Oh, and you can't find a "secret" headphone jack by drilling a hole in your iPhone 7.

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There are some folks out there who will believe anything they read on the internet. When Apple did away with the headphone jack, forcing users to use an adapter or buy wireless ear buds that will cost over $150 when they are introduced sometime in the future, many customers (and critics) complained about the change.

Unfortunately, the internet is full of people waiting for an opportunity to scam the gullible, and a video posted on YouTube by TechRax said all you have to do is drill a hole in your iPhone 7, creating a headphone jack. The video gave the impression that you would immediate be able to plug your headphone directly into the freshly drilled hole, giving you the new ability to listen to music. TechRax even demonstrated by putting his iPhone 7 in a vice and drilling a hole in it.

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TechRax is a prankster who has produced similar videos making fun of technology (including the famous iPhone 6 microwave fast charge) and featuring him destroying iPhones. The problem is nowhere in the video, seen above, does he say that it’s all a joke. There are some dimwits out there who followed the video's directions and what they ended up with was a very expensive paperweight. By drilling a hole in your iPhone, you will destroy it, as many of the people commenting in the section under the video found out. Drilling holes in Apple products also voids the warranty, and no, Apple Care won’t cover damage resulting from drilling holes in things.

So please, do not drill a hole in your iPhone 7 because the internet told you to. And by the way, that email you got from a Nigerian prince was probably bogus, too.

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