Thanksgiving is always a great opportunity to reconnect with friends and family and I got a great surprise visit at the WZOZ studio in Oneonta, NY from one of our former Account Executives turned successful Youtuber, Julia Goolia.  Julia and her partner JP Lambiase took their Youtube channel HellthyJunkFood which began back in 2013 to amazing new heights after leaving their home in Oneonta, NY for Florida to pursue and promote HellthyJunkFood on a full-time basis. It has certainly paid off for the pair since they are now up to almost 2 million subscribers to their Youtube channel!

Julia and JP visit Leslie Ann at WZOZ
Julia and JP visit Leslie Ann at WZOZ

Julia and JP describe their HellthyJunkFood channel as "comedy cooking satire for the 21st Century." You can call me biased if you want, but I thoroughly enjoy their channel with it's zany sense of fun surrounding all things food.  If you love junk food and want to know how to make popular items yourself in a healthier way, or you think it's fun to check out oversized versions of foods, or if you think food science is awesome, this channel is for you.

Check out a fun HellthyJunkFood video below...

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