An invasive species of fish originating from Asia has been discovered in the Upper Delaware River near Callicoon, NY according to a press release from the Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River and The National Park Service. It's a fish called Northern Snakehead that resembles a snake in its coloration and scales. One of these fish was caught recently, causing concern for local fish species who might fall prey to this invasive fish. Northern Snakehead fish are have been showing up with increasing frequency in other parts of the world recently.

Officials warn that if you catch one of these fish or think you have…

• Kill it immediately and freeze it (in case it is requested by fisheries agencies for positive identification).
• If possible, take pictures of the fish, including close ups of its mouth, fins and tail.
• Note where it was caught (waterbody, landmarks or GPS coordinates).

• Report it to:
- The National Park Service (, 570-493-1022 cell/texts).
- Your regional New York DEC fisheries office ( or to DEC’s Invasive Species Bureau (518-402-9425 |
- Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission-Report Aquatic Invasive
- You can also submit a report through iMapinvasives at, or

Do not move it to other waters! Both NY and PA prohibit possession, sale, or transport of these fish live to prevent further invasion.

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