Coffee drinkers, I've got something to confess.  I'm not a regular coffee drinker.  I gave up my beloved favorite morning beverage about 3 or so years ago in order to be healthier.  I really did NOT like being addicted to something either.  I was a two cup a morning drinker.  These days, I treat myself once a week to my favorite flavored brew to bask in the energy burst.  But here's what happens on a day like today where I feel particularly sleepy:  I succumb to a medium cup of coffee to get me jump-started.  This morning I had a box of "Energy" tea on hand.  This is a stash for emergencies such as this.  It has 80 mgs of caffeine in it.  I really had no idea how that compares to a regular cup of coffee and of course hopped on the internet to find out.  I was VERY surprised to find out the following popular coffees and how much caffeine they contain.  I found this on They size up the amount of caffeine per ounce in a ton of different kinds of beverages.  See how your cup o' joe stacks up.

Caffeine amount (in milligrams) in popular chain coffees:
McDonalds: 109 mg. in 12 oz. (their small cup)
Dunkin Donuts: 132 mg. in 10 oz. (2 cups)
Starbucks: 135 mg. in 8 oz.
K-Cup coffee: 120 mg. in 8 oz.
(in general) Brewed coffee: 108 mg in 8 oz.
(in general) Drip coffee: 145 mg. in 8 oz.
(in general) Decaf: 8 mg. in 8 oz.


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