This is a situation these first responders probably have never seen before.

I am sure it is a frequent occurrence for smaller animals to find their way into backyard pools. Fences can only keep so many critters out. But a huge animal weighing around a thousand pounds? Well, that literally is a whole different animal.

That was the scene in Bohemia, New York this past Saturday when I would imagine these homeowners made a shocking discovery: a huge horse was not only in their pool, but also tangled up in the pool cover.

This is where the awesomeness of our First Responders comes into full view. The amazing team from the Bohemia, New York Fire Department responded to save the horse and as you can see in the photos below, they had to get quickly creative to save this beautiful creature. Thanksfully, their efforts were successful with a happy ending.

Our first responders have seen it all, and now this crew can had rescuing a horse from a possible pool drowning to the list!

Horse In A New York Backyard Pool?! See The Dramatic Rescue Photos

God Bless our amazing First Responders. They have to see and react to unique situations every day to save not just human lives, but also those of our four-legged friends. This past weekend a horse-faced a life or death situation after getting caught in the cover in someone's backyard pool in Bohemia, New York. Thankfully, the Bohemia Fire Department came to the rescue.

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