This is not so much of a rant as it is a gentle PSA!

With our studios right on Chestnut Street in downtown Oneonta, I get to see a lot of Oneonta go by. The good, the bad, the ugly, the funny, and all points in between.

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One thing I see on a daily basis, right in front of our studios leaves me scratching my head. For some reason, at any given time there's one to two cars parked in the no parking zone right in front of our building.

I see people pull up, turn off their cars, glance at the signs and the markings on the street and walk away. Normally I wouldn't be mentioning something like this, but when cars are parked in this particular no parking zone, it creates a potentially dangerous situation.

Photo by Chayse Griffin on Unsplash
Photo by Chayse Griffin on Unsplash

Large vehicles turning off of Main Street on to Chestnut Street such as city buses, big rigs, fire trucks, and delivery trucks need to be able to easily pass through Chestnut Street. When there are vehicles in the no parking zone, this is not possible. A short time ago, I witnessed a large vehicle take a side view mirror off a car, there was simply no way for it to maneuverer around.

Yesterday I posted an article that contained information about the new parking lot that opened up on Market Street, where the old ford building was. There's now a bit more parking in the City of Oneonta. Sure, it might be a pain in the butt to walk up a couple of inclines, but it's most definitely cheaper and easier than replacing a mirror or submitting a claim to your insurance!

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