After serving at the Otsego County Chamber of Commerce for 8 years, first as Executive Director and then as President and CEO, Barbara Ann Heegan is resigning to take a similar position at the Greenwood, South Carolina Chamber of Commerce. According to Heegan's December 7 resignation letter to the chamber, her last day will be Dec. 28.

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Barbara Ann Heegan (TSM)
Barbara Ann Heegan (TSM)

In that letter, Heegan said she is proud of what the chamber has accomplished on behalf of its members during her time there. In her letter she states the following reason for her departure:

"As many of you know, my sincere passions are workforce development and chambers of commerce. I will be advancing my career in a new community to be closer to family members who need my help and support due to the negative impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. I am dedicated to family and community and to serving others, and I am ready to serve and begin the next chapter of my life."

Chamber Board Chairman Al Rubin will serve as interim president until a permanent successor is found.


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