If your kids get sick of it and there's too much to bring into the office with you, try donating your candy to U.S. troops or first responders.

We tend to buy more Halloween candy than we actually need to avoid having a tearful child on the doorstep, or (arguably worse) waking up to a house covered in eggs or toilet paper. Since few people can actually consume this amount of sugar before it starts to get stale or melty, it ends up sitting in the house for a while. You can protect yourself from further sugar overload by donating it!

An organization called Operation Gratitude allows you to do this easily--all you have to do is find one of their drop-off sites and leave the candy for them to distribute. Since its inception, the group has donated over 500,000 pounds of candy and treats to troops overseas and first responders back home.

If there isn't a drop-off site near you, then you can always donate to the local food pantry or homeless shelter for other people in need who might enjoy a sweet treat.

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