I love horror movies. I always have, ever since I saw Halloween at a sleepover I was hooked on the pulse-pounding, nerve-tingling, and heart-racing genre.

Now, there are two "jobs" available to watch horror movies and get paid $1,300 just for watching. It's perfect for a scary movie fan like myself...and maybe you. FinanceBuzz wants to hire a “Horror Movie Heart Rate Analyst” to record their heart rate while watching 13 top horror movies. You will be paid $1,300, basically $100 for every movie, and get a free Fitbit to monitor your heart rate while watching. Applications are due by Sept. 26 at midnight ET.

The second job is for DISH Network, and it's called the "Stephen King Scream Job: Chapter Two" which also wants to pay someone $1,300 to watch 13 films, but only Stephen King classics. You'll also get a Fitbit, blanket, popcorn, and some Stephen King swag. You can submit your application here and upload an optional video.

Who knows maybe you can double dip and get both jobs for a cool $2,600!

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