After selling out theaters at every stop in New York State, including Albany, for the screening of "GARROW", a film based on the true story of serial killer Robert Garrow of Mineville, NY, filmmakers are making Oneonta the last screening stop on May 25 and May 26.  ​That's because some of the filming took place in Oneonta and there are many Oneonta natives very involved in the production of the film.

For starters, Lori Kelly-Bailey; Director / Writer / Producer and Joel Plue​; Producer, are both Oneonta natives.  And there are other Oneontans involved: Alysa Blasetti (Actor), Korey Rowe (Director of Photography & Editor), Janice Kelly (Co-Exec Producer), Jody Wenzel (Co-Exec Producer), Randy Miritello (Actor), Avery Miritello (Actor and Production Supervisor).​

The story of GARROW follows Robert Francis Garrow who was a serial rapist and murderer in the North Country of New York State between the years of 1960 & 1978. Born in Mineville, New York in 1936, Robert’s childhood was and endless cycle of unimaginable abuse.  As an adult, Robert become a sadomasochist, rapist and serial killer. The exact number of his victims to this day remains uncertain.

A knife wielding psychopath that could charm his victims before carving them to death. Robert was clever and cunning. He was able to manipulate the law, fake his own paralysis for years and then escape from prison.  He was ultimately captured and killed by police during the man-hunt.

Check out the "GARROW" movie trailer below.

I was able to talk with Lori Kelly-Bailey and Joel Plue about the movie and immediately asked, "Why would you want to produce such a horrific story?".  The answer was two-fold for Bailey: she was born in Mineville, where Garrow lived and she had been asked over and over by people to produce a movie about this tale of terror.

GARROW stars Emmy winner Philip Casnoff, Mark Valley, Terri Garber and Jay Alan Christianson as well as a team of NY State Troopers, ENCON & CERT Team members.

GARROW will be premiering in Oneonta at The Goodrich Theatre on Sat. May 25 at 7:00 p.m. and again on Sunday May 26 at 2:30 p.m. ​All cast and crew will be attending Saturday evening’s screening.​ Tickets are available at the theater box office or at The Green Toad Bookstore and Shakedown Street in Oneonta.

The movie is currently available for viewing on Amazon Prime.​ To hear my full interview with Lori Kelly-Bailey and Joel Plue, tune in to this radio station this Saturday (May 18) at 7:00 a.m. for "This Week In Central NY".  Their interview will be one of three featured on that weekly program.

Lori Kelly-Bailey (Credit: Lori Kelly-Bailey)
Lori Kelly-Bailey (Credit: Lori Kelly-Bailey)

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