With the 25th anniversary of Friends upon us, there are all kinds of events planned for the fall. There’s the pop-up where you can sit on the couch at Central Perk in NYC. And there’s also going to be an incredible LEGO set of Central Perk, featuring the entire Friends starring cast — plus Gunther! You can’t have Central Perk without Gunther to clean up around the place.

LEGO announced the news today, along with a video of the set in action:

The set is 1070 pieces — including accessories like coffee cups, guitars, pizza, laptops, and newspapers — and recreates the classic Central Perk set from the series in impressive detail. (Check out that espresso machine in the pictures below!) It even has the back window and exterior sidewalk so you can recreate the scenes shot out there as well.

Here’s some more photos of the set, as well as the individual LEGO minifigures. While the Rachel does a very nice job recreating her famous haircut, the Ross minifigure is the clear standout. You have to see the Ross. It’s like someone dipped David Schwimmer in plastic. It’s uncanny.

The Friends Central Perk LEGO set will go on sale on September 1. It retails for $59.99 — for more information, you can go to LEGO.com.

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