Is it true that Food Network star Alton Brown is issuing an apology to Upstate New York, specifically, Buffalo New York?

Chef and TV Star Alton Brown recently posted to his social media explaining that he was wrong about Buffalo and the city that invented the chicken wings:

“I was wrong, the best wings are in Buffalo.”

Back in 2018, an episode of First We Feast’s “Hot Ones" Brown said that “If you really want great Buffalo chicken don’t go to frickin’ Buffalo.” Since then, the city of Buffalo has complained, cried, and put together a massive social media campaign to change his mind.

The campaign grew wings, no pun intended, when Brown was set to return to Buffalo to perform a show at Shea’s Performing Arts Center. This time, he reached out to locals on Facebook:

Dear Buffalonians, back in 2018, after eating at all the “famous” places, I complained that I had a very, very bad wing day. I’ve been told since that I just went to the wrong places. So I’m coming back to make amends by taking a whole day off to eat wings. You guys basically invented the global wing craze so please set me on the right path.”

The plea paid off:


I have had the best buffalo wing of my life and yes, it was in Buffalo. #NowIKnow."

So there you go. Brown fell in love.

Let's Be Real- Let's Turn This Into An Opinion Piece

Was Alton Brown really wrong to begin with? Is Buffalo just the birthplace of the wing, not the master?

The Central New York region and the Mohawk Valley region has the best wings known to mankind. They are extra crispy, extra saucy, and a way better variety than places like the Anchor Bar in Buffalo.

Italy invented italian cooking, but we would argue that New York State has some of the best italian restaurants in the world.

Just because Buffalo invented the wing, doesn't mean they know how to cook it like we do here. Text us on our station app your opinions.

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