Days after the famous location from Field of Dreams hosted its first major league baseball game — drawing the highest TV ratings for a regular season game in 16 years — comes word that the film will now inspire a new streaming television series. NBCUniversal has announced they are developing a Field of Dreams series for its Peacock service.

The show will be developed by Mike Schur, the creator of The Good Place and co-creator of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Peacock’s Rutherford Falls. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the new Field of Dreams “will reimagine the movie’s mixture of family, baseball, Iowa and magic that made the feature so enduring and beloved.”

The original Field of Dreams movie, released in 1989, starred Kevin Costner as a humble Iowa farmer who begins to hear voices that tell him to build a baseball diamond in his cornfield. He does, and eventually the ghosts of the 1919 Chicago White Sox appear to play baseball there. That eventually sets Costner’s character off on a journey to find others, and eventually to reconcile with his own father.

The movie became a hit and then a beloved baseball movie, turning its shooting locations in Dyersville, Iowa into a major tourist destination. A new field was built near the field that served as the film’s location, and that’s where Major League Baseball held the game last week between the Yankees and the White Sox, attended by Costner. If you missed the incredible opening from the game, here it is:

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