Are you looking to eat the biggest slice of pizza in all of New York state?

For $10 (a steal?), you could chow down on New York's largest pizza slice at The Pizza Barn in Yonkers. Meet the Super Slice.

The Super Slice is a giant, two-foot-long pizza slice. Seriously, this pizza slice is two-foot-long. The cost of a slice ranges from $10 (regular) to $24 (one with a load of toppings). How in the world did someone come up with creating a 2-foot-long slice of pizza? Owner Angelo DeLuca told PIX11 News he was looking for a new way to present one of New York's favorite food:

"I was thinking I wanted to do something different. Something bigger," DeLuca said. "I wanted to create something bigger, tastes better"

According to LoHud, it takes two pounds of dough for each Super Slice. That is the same amount of dough compared to the amount Pizza Barn uses in one of its house pies. The sauce is the same recipe that DeLuca's father crafted when he opened the shop in the mid '70s.

The ideal way to eat the Super Slice is by picking up the whole plate or using a knife and fork. Folding the slice is not advised by many.

The Super Slice is truly a delicious piece of New York style pizza, with the perfect proportion of crust, sauce, cheese and love."

Check out some of the photos if you don't believe it's size:

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