If you are looking for some instant cash and a "souper" job, Top Ramen is looking for you. Here are the details. When I was in college, like many others, I lived on Ramen noodles. They weren't only delicious, they were very college-budget friendly. I think we could buy them ten for a dollar. I would fire up my hot pot and have Ramen noodles a few times a day. Now to think that someone can cash in on their love for Ramen is awesome.

According to CBS 6 Albany, Nissin Foods, the company that owns Ramen brand Top Ramen wants you to be their first-ever "Chief Noodle Officer". You must love Ramen noodles and be efficient on social media. The payoff is great. Not only do you have the chance to win ten thousand dollars but you will also get a fifty year supply of Ramen noodles.

If you are interested in this "souper" job, you will have to be open to testing new flavors and giving feedback on trying new recipes. If you have an interest in the food innovation industry, you are a prime candidate.

To apply, you must take part in the #howdoyoutopramen challenge on social media where you will share your favorite Top Ramen recipe along with a photo of your masterpiece. Make sure you tag it @originaltopramen and @chefmelissaking. Plus send links of your creation with a quick cover letter of three to five sentences explaining while you are the perfect Chief Noodle Officer. The application deadline is Friday, October 30th.

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