If you know me, you know I'm a dog person. Nothing against any other type of pet, but dogs are my favorites. I currently have two amazing Greyhounds and a wanna-be Greyhound who is actually a Whippet. Or at least we think he is a Whippet.

I found something interesting from the American Kennel Club about a new law having to do with insurance companies and certain dog breeds. Depending on what type of dog you have, in New York State, insurance companies could discriminate against the homeowner.

This insurance discrimination was aimed at the breed of dogs. The American Kennel Club states that insurance companies could cancel, increase rates, or refuse to issue policies, and that can be a roadblock for persons hoping to own a dog, no matter the breed.

New York State Governor Kathy Hochul signed last fall, a law which according to the American Kennel Club, states:

“With respect to homeowners’ insurance policies…no insurer shall refuse to issue or renew, cancel, or charge or impose an increased premium or rate…based solely upon harboring or owning any dog of a specific breed or mixture of breeds.”

This new law went into effect this month (January 2022.) Now if a dog is deemed dangerous according to New York State Law, then insurance companies will continue to have the option to cancel, increase rates, or refuse to issue policies.

The American Kennel Club also mentions that New York State already has a law on the books that " prohibit municipalities from passing laws that target specific breeds of dogs."

For more information, visit the American Kennel Club website.

via American Kennel Club

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