After having cats most of my life and a dog only until 2 years ago, there is definitely a difference in how I communicate with both of them.  I basically talk to my dog like she's a human toddler, after all, she sure acts like one.  Not only that, but she seems to be listening.  "She's all ears" when I speak.  It's as if I am saying the most important thing I've ever said.  Where else can you get that kind of attentiveness when you speak?  I know, I know, she might understand only one word in a sentence IF that sentence happens to include the following words: Tovey (her name), food, walk, ball, sit, stay, NO!, down!, or come. Does that matter?  Heck no!  As I said, when I'm around, I am all-important, at least in my dog's eyes...or so I choose to believe.

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Oh, let's not forget about my cat.  When I speak to her, I can tell that once I start speaking, she could care less.  Her attitude is "Talk to the paw lady!" unless I happen to have some cat treats handy. That's all she ever really wants.  She is pretty cute though and she does keep the mice and mole population down in our basement which is awesome.  I can't say that about my dog but I can say they are both a nice compliment to our household and my family enjoys them both for different reasons.

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