Divorces are never pleasant, but Jim Halfens, an entrepreneur from the Netherlands, is trying to ensure they’re at least less complicated.

He’s masterminded a concept called Divorce Hotel, in which couples check in, spend a few days with negotiators and lawyers, and leave with divorce papers in hand.

He came up with the idea after watching a friend spend months going through a painful split, saying, “I was convinced there [had] to be another way.”

Seventeen couples in the Netherlands have already been through a Divorce Hotel program there, and all but one had success in wrapping up the dissolution of their marriage in a weekend. Now Halfens wants to try out the concept in the US, so he’s negotiating with hotels in several cities, drawing the interest of television production companies for a potential reality show along the way.

But American lawyers are doubtful the program will work here, especially for wealthy marrieds. Robert S. Cohen, who represented Christie Brinkley and Ivana Trump in their splits, said it’s unlikely a warring couple would want to spend days together working out the details of a divorce, adding, “Most people getting divorced don’t want to see each other again except when they have to.”

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