It was the summer of 1990 and my mom allowed me to attend a slumber party at the house of a classmate. I was 10 years old and had no idea when I woke that morning that I would watch a movie that would consume so many of my thoughts for years to come.

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I vividly remember returning home after the slumber party and telling my mom with great excitement about the movie we’d watched and how incredible the music and dancing were. I also vividly remember the look of horror on her face when I told her the name of the movie. It was “Dirty Dancing.”

I can see now why my mother thought the movie was a bit mature for my 10-year-old self but at the time, I thought she was completely unreasonable. My mom was so worried the adult-themed scenes would open up a can of worms she wouldn’t be able to put a lid back on but those scenes went right over my head. What captured my attention was the soundtrack and the dancing and to this day, 35 years later, those parts of the film are still what come to my mind first when I think of the film.

When I was a teenager, I bought the ‘Dirty Dancing’ soundtrack on record and would play it for hours on end in my bedroom. At the age of 42, I still often pull up the soundtrack on road trips or when I need motivational cleaning music.

‘Dirty Dancing’ only had a budget of $6 million dollars and yet, in 1987, the film ended up bringing in $214 million at the box office and quickly solidified its place among the greatest cult classics of all time.

If ‘Dirty Dancing’ holds a place in your heart, you might want to clear your schedule because it will be returning to theaters for two days only, August 14 and August 15, in celebration of the film’s 35th anniversary.

The special in-theater showings of ‘Dirty Dancing’ is being hosted by Fathom Events in movie theaters all across the United States, including in theaters right here in Central New York.

The nearest theaters to Binghamton that will be showing the film in celebration of its 35th anniversary are the Regal Ithaca Mall 14, MT Syracuse Township in Camillus, and at Regal Destiny USA Stadium 19 IMAX & RPX.

Tickets to view 'Dirty Dancing' in your local theater can be purchased in advance here.

Merchandise to Help Celebrate the 35th Anniversary of 'Dirty Dancing'

If you're a fan of 'Dirty Dancing,' you're definitely celebrating the 35th anniversary of its release so why not add some themed merchandise to your collection?

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