Diapers may become a little more affordable for New Yorkers after the state assembly and state senate passed the "DIAPER" act.

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An abbreviation for the "diaper initiative affordability for parents and elderly remedy" act, the bill would make diapers tax exempt if signed into law by Governor Kathy Hochul. It was passed by a unanimous floor vote.

The bill comes at a crucial time for many New York parents. In a recent study conducted by NielsenIQ, it was determined that inflation had caused baby care item prices to rise by 11.1%. And with rising inflation in a number of other essential categories like food and gas, parents have a lot less money left over after shopping for their families. Much like the gas cap tax that was recently passed, this bill would give New Yorkers an extra bit of help getting an essential and expensive item.

In the sponsor memo for the bill, the justification noted that adult and children's diapers were already exempt from the state's 4% sales tax as of April 1, 2006, but not every county and jurisdiction provided for the local exemption. Addressing that, the justification stated that "This bill would therefore ensure that specifically adult and children's diapers (including disposable) are not subject to this tax by the counties/jurisdictions and follow the state exemption." Essentially, the bill's main intent is to prevent municipalities from imposing their own tax on diapers.

The bill has not yet been delivered to Governor Hochul to be either signed into law or vetoed yet.

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