Delaware County has had its first death from COVID-19 coronavirus according to Delaware County Public Health. This person had been hospitalized with the disease and died Wednesday April 1, 2020.

Delaware County officials extend sincerest condolences to family and friends. Details surrounding the person’s age, gender, length of illness and whether the individual had a contributing underlying condition will not be released, by Public Health.

Public Health is asking that the public give the family privacy and dignity surrounding the passing of their loved one.

Positive Results reported to Delaware County: 23
Positive Lab Reports Transferred: 4
Discharged(recovered): 2
Isolating at Home: 10
Hospitalized: 6
Deceased: 1
Mandatory Quarantine: 43
Precautionary Quarantine: 9
Tested: 182
Negative: 129
Pending: 30


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