Can you imagine having to survive on $1.50 a day?  Believe it or not, people who live in extreme poverty here in the U.S. are trying to live on just that amount.  And that $1.50 has to cover all your expenses!  Impossible right?  Nevertheless, that's the reality for a huge number of people.

In order to shine the spotlight on this domestic problem of poverty, stars like Ben Affleck, Sophia Bush and Josh Groban are taking part in the Live Below The Line Challenge next week.  That means they have to live on $1.50 each day for 5 days.  They will be tweeting during that week about their challenging experiences.

I think that is very brave and noble of Ben, Sophia, and Josh to participate in such a trying week.  I can't imagine doing that since if I miss a meal I start feeling nauseous and I'm a wimp when my stomach is not feeling well. Hats off to them!