When my son said that our dog's paws smell like Fritos, I thought he was nuts!  I chalked it up to the typical nonsensical ravings of a teenager.  I wasn't about to stick my nose up to my dog's feet since I know where those feet have been.  And then I saw an article about that very phenomenon and had to admit it's actually a thing.

According to howstuffworks.com, your dog's paws can also smell like popcorn or Doritos.  So what gives?  Why is this yummy smell coming from your dog's paws?  It turns out that it's all thanks to a couple of different types of bacteria that dogs pick up as they trek around during the day.  The two likely bacterias in question are Pseudomonas (smells like popcorn) and Proteus, which simulates the scent of corn chips.

The important question, is all this bacteria harmful to our beloved furry friends? It's not, although if you think the smell seems very strong, it may be a sign of infection and time to get those paws checked. Otherwise, consider this...wouldn't you rather have your pet's feet smell like a snack food than rotten food or a toilet?

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