I had the great privilege this year of being one of the chaperones at the Schenevus Central School prom.  Full disclosure, my wife Trish is a longtime educator there and she asked if I would like to join her as a chaperone.  I jumped at the chance.

The event really brought back a flood of memories for me.  As I shared with some of the others at our "adult" table, my own senior prom was in 1967 and our theme had something to do with space and landing on the moon.  "Saturnalia" they called it.  Don't forget this was a full 2 years before we actually did land on the moon.  But the decorating committee did their best with tissue paper satellites and tin foil stars.

The gymnasium at Schenevus was dazzling.  The whole room twinkled under a million little white lights.  A red carpet welcomed the seniors and juniors to their big dance.

The females looked stunning after what must have been a daylong effort fussing with hair, makeup, shoes, corsages, etc.  The guys looked appropriately studly and just a tad uncomfortable to be all gussied up.  Some things never changed.

Once the music started the dancing was non stop. for 4 hours.  The energy in that room was unbelievable.  Mostly a large group of girls in the middle of the floor jumping and screaming and doing some very creative dance moves.  They were great fun to watch.  In the beginning, the guys could be found in the hallway playing cornhole.

But, as the night wore on the floor started to be filled with couples dancing to slow songs and fast dance songs alike.  There was a certain wistfulness in the room.  At least I felt it.  Kind of like a slow realization that this, for many of them, would be their last dance together. Smiles were a little brighter, hugs were a little longer.  It was very sweet.

Of course there was a crowning of the night's royalty and their court at the end of the gala.  All Hail....King Zach Burton and Your Majesty Queen Hannah Osborne!

It was a magical ending to a very enjoyable evening for everyone, even for me.

I was so pleased to see that this tradition was back this year.  It was cancelled last year for obvious reasons.  In small towns and big cities alike all across the U.S. these proms really are a rite of passage for these young people.  I am so glad these kids were able to celebrate this year.

So for me, not much has changed in the 54 years since I attended my own prom.  Same earnest decoration, same fancy outfits, same crowning routine.  It was nice.  I will admit, however, I didn't know one song that the kids danced to that evening.  Made me kind of miss Bobby Vinton and Connie Francis.

Thanks for letting me be a part of your party Schenevus Central School.  You did a great job and I loved it all.

Good luck seniors!

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