Thanks to the rise of the social media site Twitter, celebrity users and your every day folk like you and me are closer than ever. But so are the nasty, catty tweets from the Average Joe to whatever celebrity they're mad at now. Jimmy Kimmel decided that celebrities should confront these mean (and often strange) tweets in his ongoing segment 'Celebrities Read Mean Tweets.'

In the latest episode, Disney Channel darling Selena Gomez, Dr. Phil (who looks like he's trying not to burst out laughing), Larry King, Simon Cowell and a cranky-looking Anderson Cooper read all the catty tweets that they've received on the wide world of Twitter.

It's giggle-worthy watching them read the Tweets out loud and either make sarcastic commentary or try to keep themselves from laughing too. Note to all the Twitter users out there -- be mindful the next time you reply to a celebrity! Otherwise, you may just wind up becoming a laughing stock on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Watch the previous installments in the series below.

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