TV shows come and go, but there are some that left us way too soon, canceled unceremoniously by networks or streamers with no regard to the story or impact it might have on people. I asked people if they could get one more season out of a canceled show, and the responses were surprising.

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This one gave me a bit of shock. The WB mainstay was on the air for 15 seasons culminating in 327 episodes and numerous spinoffs. The show primarily follows the Winchester brothers as they hunt demons, ghosts, monsters, and more. The show had solid reviews and a rabid fanbase during its run.


I loved Jericho during its initial run. A post apocalyptic drama series, the show was canceled after its first season due to low ratings. People protested loudly, and the show was given a second season, only to be canceled, for good, again due to low ratings. This show starred Skeet Ulrich and Lennie James who would go on to play Morgan Jones in the Walking Dead.

Ted Lasso

Multiple people mentioned this Apple TV+ smash hit. The show wasn't technically canceled, it was always intended by the creators to run and wrap in three seasons. There's no denying the show's cultural impact, as people still want more from the feel good comedy.

Alaska Daily

This show's cancelation was an absolute and complete disappointment. Driven by a spectacular performance by Hilary Swank, the show depicts a New York journalist seeking a fresh start in Alaska. The story, writing, and acting were all wonderful, but seemingly failed to connect with viewers. It was canceled in 2023, cliffhanger and all.

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