Who remembers when a Bloody Mary was well, just a Bloody Mary cocktail?

Times have certainly changed for this one of a kind drink. Now, of course, when you order a Bloody Mary it can arrive at your table in any sort of surprising concoction. Celery?  For sure!  Maybe a lemon on the rim of your glass?  Yup!  But as you will see here, now a lot of them arrive garnished with bacon strips, a small vegetable garden, a variety of olives, and even chicken strips and hard-boiled eggs if you are adventurous enough! It can practically be your whole meal nowadays. What??  Yes, take a look at check it out for yourself with some local Upstate New York examples.

The other great part about a good Bloody Mary is that it's pretty flexible when it comes to the time of day you order or make one. You can find this savory beverage on many brunch menus or even breakfast menus at many of these places. And for a good reason too. Many consider the Bloody Mary to be the perfect "hair of the dog" after a night of one too many other kinds of alcoholic beverages.

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So celebrate National Bloody Mary Day (January 1) with these beauties....

Celebrate "National Bloody Mary Day" at These Great Upstate New York Pubs and Restaurants

National Bloody Mary Day (January 1) is perhaps the most perfectly ties food or drink holiday on the calendar. After what probably was a party weekend, a bit of "the hair of the dog that bit you" comes beautifully packaged in any one of these epic Bloody Mary's. Check out these 15 bars, taverns, restaurants, and pubs in Upstate New York that serve up the classic cocktail all gussied up like a work of art!

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