During a pandemic when social distancing is the go-to, what's a fun, easy way to enjoy yourself? That's easy. Just get outside and soak up all the natural beauty of the Otsego County countryside. There are so many outdoor public places to explore and with that in mind, 3 organizations are collaborating (Otsego 2000, the Otsego Land Trust, and Otsego County Conservation Association) with The Otsego Octet Challenge from Otsego Outdoors.

This outdoor adventure program encourages area residents to discover and enjoy trails, state forests and parks throughout Otsego County. This Winter Challenge features destinations where participants can hike, cross-country ski, and snowshoe at. There are four Otsego County state parks featured in this challenge, along with lesser-known destinations, some of which you may have never been to before.

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The Octet Challenge asks participants to complete 8 of the 12 featured trails between now and April 30, then send in a form, after which you can receive an Otsego Octet patch.  Participants are also encouraged to post photos of their activities with the tags #otsegooctet and #otsegooutdoors.

The idea is to enjoy our local great outdoors which is a safe thing to do during a challenging time with COVID-19 and to promote many of Otsego County's outdoor treasures.


To find out destinations and trails for the Otsego Octet Challenge, along with all information needed, visit otsegooutdoors.org, call 607-547-8881, or email outdoors@otsego2000.org. Participants who complete all eight activities between by April 30 will receive the Winter Otsego Octet patch.  There is a $5 fee per patch. And outdoor enthusiasts who like this idea can look forward to "A Summer Challenge" to be announced this May.

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