Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson has announced a U.S. book tour in support of his upcoming autobiography What Does This Button Do? He’s also added a run of U.K. appearances in addition to those dates previously confirmed.

You can see the full list below.

The 448-page book -- which will be published on Oct. 31 (11 days after it comes out in the U.K.) -- is available for pre-order and includes a recently released excerpt in which Dickinson revealed his struggle to sing in his final months with the band Samson before he was asked to audition for Iron Maiden by their manager in 1981.

“Away from prying eyes, Rod [Smallwood] laid out his cards," Dickinson wrote. "‘I’m offering you the chance to audition for Iron Maiden,’ he said. ‘Are you interested?’ There had been enough beating around bushes and tap-dancing around issues, I decided, so I told him what I thought: ‘First of all, you know I’ll get the job or you wouldn’t ask. Second, what’s gonna happen to Paul, the current singer, and does he know he’s going? Third, when I do get the job, and I will, are you prepared for a totally different style and opinions and someone who is not going to roll over? I may be a pain in the arse, but it’s for all the right reasons. If you don’t want that tell me now and I’ll walk away.’”

According to a press release for the book, “In What Does This Button Do?, Bruce shares the most fascinating recollections, including his 30 years with Maiden, the early days, his childhood within the eccentric British school system, going solo, realizing his dream of flying jumbo jets and his recent battle with tongue cancer.  Bold, honest, intelligent and very entertaining, What Does This Button Do? is the long-awaited window into the life, heart and mind of one of our most adventurous and multifaceted sons.”

Meanwhile, Iron Maiden will release The Book of Souls: Live Chapter on Nov. 17.

Bruce Dickinson Book Tour Dates 2017
Oct. 17: Troxy, London, U.K.
Oct. 18: Waterstones, Liverpool, U.K.
Oct. 20: Waterstones, Glasgow, U.K. (12.30PM)
Oct. 20: Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh, U.K. (5.30PM)
Oct. 21: Robinsons Brewery, Stockport, U.K.
Oct. 22: Lowry, Manchester, U.K.
Oct. 26: Waterstones, London, U.K.
Oct. 27: Waterstones, Newcastle, U.K.
Oct. 28: Waterstones, Leeds, U.K. (11AM)
Oct. 28: Waterstones, Nottingham, U.K. (4PM)
Oct. 30: Book Review, Huntington, N.Y.
Oct. 31: Hudson Union Society, New York City, N.Y. (12PM)
Oct. 31: St Vitus Bar, Brooklyn, N.Y. (7.30PM)
Nov. 01: Regent Theater, Los Angeles, Calif.
Nov. 02: Kepler’s Books, Menlo Park, Calif.
Nov. 03: Gramercy Theatre, New York City, N.Y.
Nov. 04: Bookends Bookstore, Ridgewood, N.J.

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