After that hoax out of Russia, we swore we'd never be duped by a faked Bigfoot capture again. But a recent report, which comes from an organization called the Mid-America Bigfoot Research Center, could be the news that Yeti believers have been waiting for.

According to the MABRC, a group called Quantra claims to have captured a living, breathing Sasquatch. After being captured at an undisclosed site, the creature, which the group calls "Daisy," was supposedly sedated and moved to an examination area 12 miles away.

No further information has been made available regarding the animal's weight, height, hair color, gender or overall health, but an official press release could be issued in the next few days after the examination is complete, said Ed Smith, a Bigfoot hunter with ties to Quantra.

What do you think? Is this Bigfoot capture legit or just another fake?

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