If you have a lonely senior citizen in your life, a.k.a., your parents or grandparents, then you probably know they often struggling with technology like cell phones, computers, and even watching tv has gotten complicated with all the choices. Sometimes I have a hard time figuring out all this tech, and my parents? Well, you probably know how that goes if you have aging parents.

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During the coronavirus crisis and during the holidays when we want to connect with extended family the most and are not supposed to in order to stay safe from the virus and spreading it, how do we connect with our senior family members? Well, video chatting is a great way but it can be hard for seniors to figure out. So I went searching for the easiest video chatting apps for the tech-challenged people and found a great list from GearHungry.com.  They created an interactive slide show showcasing the best video software. Check it out...

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