It's been a very challenging fall here in Otsego County when it comes to getting leaves raked up due to all the rain we've been having.  My husband and I just finally finished this past Monday!  Of course it had to be AFTER we raked our huge yard that I came across the best excuse ever to not rake from David Mizejewski, a Naturalist at the National Wildlife Federation.

According to Mizejewski, we should let leaves stay put because as they decompose, they become fertilizer for lawns and gardens.  Plus, leaves make a great mulch for gardens.  There's another benefit: insects like butterflies and moths depend on dead leaves when it comes to hiding away as pupa over the winter and who doesn't want to see all kinds of butterflies on their property?  Plus, insects attract birds to your yard as well.  Need we say more?

I know, leaves can be unsightly in your yard.  I think there's a compromise in all this.  How about mulching in as many of the leaves on your lawn as you can with your lawn mower and then raking the remaining leaves?  That's what we do for our yard and it cuts down on raking time and still looks good.

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