This past week, the weather finally warmed up enough for my family to get the bikes out for the the first time this season.  Finally!  Of course if you've ever run into bike trouble after hitting the road, then you know the value of checking your bike first.  For safety and enjoyment sake, according to, there are a few simple things you should check on your bike before riding:

  • Air: Be sure you have enough air in your tires
  • Brakes: Look to see that your brake pads are not worn
  • Chain and Cranks: Pull on your cranks to see that they are not loose and look to see that the chain is not rusted and it is free of gunk
  • Quick Release: Make sure all quick releases are closed
  • Check: Take a slow brief ride to check that your bike is working properly

Here's a great video to help you on your way...

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