"Big in Japan": Even more than the cliche it's become, the expression is a commercial reality experienced by many artists over the years. But there's also a dark side to all this, as you'll see in the below list of Bands That Should Be More Famous in the U.S.

For a select group, achieving significant success in major music markets like Japan, the U.K. and continental Europe hasn’t always guaranteed comparable results in the largest and most important music-consumption pool of them all: America.

As far back as the early '60s, when the Beatles provided both the original template and ultimate example, making it in the U.S. – birthplace of rock 'n' roll – has been among the greatest driving ambitions for any foreign-born musicians. And some American-bred ones too, who, amazingly enough, had to find their audience overseas when domestic interest failed to manifest itself.

Some of the reluctant members of this special club eventually managed to overcome these hurdles, others never did, so we felt compelled to celebrate some of the classic-rock acts that enjoyed true stardom overseas, but remain underrated, misunderstood or even forgotten in the States. Check out the above list of Bands That Should Be More Famous in the U.S.

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