Competing demonstrations in Bainbridge, NY resulted in physical confrontations along North Main St. on Saturday. According to Unite Chenango Black Lives Matter rally organizer Ariana Hall, a former Bainbridge resident, protesters arranged a peaceful rally for 1:00 p.m. at the village green but before that started, those demonstrators were confronted by counter demonstrators across the street who were holding "Back The Blue" signs, confederate flags and chanting "We are the new KKK".

There was no official word on if there were any arrests or injuries, however, according to Hall, there were "ugly words and racial slurs" and at one point she says, "Counter protesters charged across the street in a pure display of their own lack of self-control and physically attacked protesters, attempting to injure a 14 year old child, injuring one of our medics by scratching her face and neck, attempting to choke one of our marshals with his own mask, men coming to our side and putting their hands on women, refusing to wear masks and intentionally breathing in people’s faces."

A group called "Unite Chenango" has set up a fund accepting donations to "bring awareness to and combat systemic racism, give people of color a safe place to have a voice and be heard and address social injustices that people of color face. We will accomplish this through interactive educational opportunities for adults and youth of our community."

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